MPs Respond To Boris Sack Threat

Three MPs have sensationally responded to TBG's article yesterday stating that any MP who opposes the government next week will be sacked.

Sam Gyimah tweeted that the possibility of every MP who votes against "no-deal chaos" being purged showed the direction the party had gone in a very short space of time.

Gyimah added that it was not "real Conservatism".

Antoinette Sandbach who has blocked TBG on Twitter said she will "always put interests above career prospects and her party.”

Rebel leader Philip Hammond said It would be "staggeringly hypocritical" for the government to sack Conservative MPs who rebel over its Brexit plans.

The rebels were joined last night by former Defence Secretary Penny Mordaunt.

Despite the Evening Standard reporting that Boris and Penny have had dinner together since her sacking, it didn’t stop the Portsmouth North MP from having a dig at Boris during the Tent Festival in London yesterday as TBG reported earlier this morning.