Mordaunt says Prorogue is Dead Cat

FORMER Defence Secretary Penny Mordaunt has sensationally criticised Boris Johnson’s prorogue.

Speaking at Big Tent 2019 Mordaunt said proroguing parliament is “dead cat” when the focus should be on getting a deal.

Ms Mordaunt went on to say that Boris had a few options left.

She couldn’t be referring to another extension of Article 50 by any chance?

Mordaunt continued - “Democracy isn’t under threat from a Prime Minister who will prorogue parliament, or a Queen who consents to it. It is under threat from a lack of responsibility and an absence of critical thinking from many in public life.”

“People want politicians from across the divide to work together....in part because they want reassurance in an increasingly complex and troublesome world.....People are feeling more and more powerless. But being told they are more and more responsible.”

“The only way to create the growth, the focus, the long-term new investment, the sustained effort and understanding to address the challenges and seize the opportunities of our times is to create national missions the whole country can get behind.”

“Holding the centre ground has long been seen as the way to win elections. But the centre is not just a place to win from, it’s a place to deliver from, too.”