Major Treachery

TBG always thought that there would be a loophole in the Surrender Act.

The only problem is that former PM Sir John Major is set to pre warn his friends at the EU about it.

TBG understands that the Prime Minister could use an Order of Council to avoid implementing the legislation until after 31 October, by which time we will have left the EU.

The move could be carried out through the Privy Council a bit like the U.K. Parliament Prorogue was.

Thus meaning that Parliament would not be able to block it.

However, would the courts?

Sir John Major, who was Prime Minister from 1990 until 1997 and is thought to be a part of the Establishment trying to block Brexit will say in a speech at the Spanish Embassy on Friday this:

"My fear is that the Government will seek to bypass statute law, by passing an Order of Council to suspend the Act until after 31 October.”

"It is important to note that an Order of Council can be passed by Privy Councillors without involving HM The Queen.”

"I should warn the Prime Minister that if this route is taken it will be in flagrant defiance of Parliament and utterly disrespectful to the Supreme Court.”

"It would be a piece of political chicanery that no-one should ever forgive or forget."

TBG smells the sour grapes already.