Letwin Supports EU Demand For Second Referendum

EU draft extension demands to UK

TORY rebels including Oliver Letwin now plan to delay an election until after another EU referendum unless Parliament passes a deal, TBG can sensationally reveal.

Letwin tells the London Evening Standard - “We need to resolve this issue of Brexit before there is a general election so that the election can be about who you want to have govern you.”

The news comes 24 hours after Tom Watson said any referendum should come before an election and former prime minister Tony Blair said Mr Johnson would be “smart” to disentangle Brexit from other issues before going to the country.

TBG can’t help noticing that Letwin and Watson have a slight problem.

Namely the Kinnock amendment which rules it out.

The President of European Parliament, David Sassoli said today - “Unfortunately the signals we are getting aren’t indicating that there is any initiative that could reopen the negotiations.”

“We would like there to be initiatives to discuss but unfortunately there aren’t any.”

On the backstop Sassoli said - “There can’t be an agreement without a backstop, that is the fundamental position and everything begins from that.”

“If you don’t want to talk about that, that means you don’t want to talk at all, and that there’s nothing to talk about.”