Labour Students Fight Back

TBG has learned this morning that Tony Blair’s old flat mate from his uni days, Lord Charlie Falconer, is saying that the scrapping of Labour Students could have been done illegally, is invalid, and breaks party rules.

The peer has now written to the party’s General Secretary, Jennie Fornby, to say that the motion to shut it down was “based upon false information.”

The move to scrap Labour Students was another Act by multi millionaire Momentum founder Jon Lansman who also tried to get Deputy Leader Tom Watson sacked.

Watson himself is a former chair of the centrist Labour Students.

In a letter to Labour’s General Secretary, Lord Falconer says - “That motion is invalid and of no effect because it is based explicitly on a series of false factual premises, and fails to pay any regard to the current rules of the Labour party.”

“The legal position is Labour Students remain an affiliate and the motion has no effect.”