Labour MPs Caught Using Threatening Behaviour

WITH the Labour Party kicking up a stink in Parliament over use of certain words TBG spotted a couple of incidents recently of the government being the subject of aggressive behaviour themselves that can only be seen as a kind of direct action.

First, TBG saw a number of tweets relating to the behaviour of Jess Phillips. The MP physically confronted the PM in the Commons lobbies allegedly waging her finger and shouting at him whilst Labour MPs stood by and filmed the incident on their phones.

Philips has form for losing her rag after once saying she wished she could "stab Corbyn from the front".

Also, yesterday, Hull East MP Karl Turner was 'caught' on camera harassing and confronting Boris aide Dominic Cummings.

Surely this in itself underlines the hypocrisy of the Labour Party - something that TBG believes we will see much more of in Manchester next week.