Labour At War

UNITE'S Len McCluskey has warned Jeremy Corbyn that Labour must NOT take an explicitly pro-Remain stance in the general election, TBG can sensationally reveal.

The hard left union baron made the comments this morning as up to 50 Labour MPs line up to back a Boris Deal.

TBG thinks there is a very big clash looming with party members, MPs and Momentum at their party conference coming!

Speaking in response to the latest row, a Labour source told TBG, who are sending their roving reporter to all five days in Brighton - “Len dominated the whole thing, with nobody else putting up any real fight.

"He said we should be clear that we will negotiate a Labour version of Brexit and there will be no attempt to advocate Remain in the referendum.

"Len's argument to Jeremy was that if he told the members this is the position we must take, they will support it out of loyalty to him. He believes that if that's the line Jeremy takes at conference, the members will fall into line."