Labour At War: Momentum Bottle Watson Abolition

While Boris is at work it seems to TBG that Labour is at war.

Hot on the heels of our scoop on Tom Watson last night, the man himself has seen light this morning.

Watson has just told the BBC that the bid to oust him as deputy leader amounts to a “sectarian attack on the party’s broad church.”

Watson And Leader Jeremy Corbyn are at odds with each other over Brexit.

A motion calling for the removal of the position of Deputy Leader of the Labour Party was due to be voted on by an NEC meeting that starts at their Brighton conference at 10.00am this morning.

However, TBG can reveal the sources suggest the motion itself has now been abolished due to the backlash by Labour MPs.

Both Corbyn and Watson are set to be there tomorrow and TBG will keep readers updated throughout the day both on the main website and our Facebook and Twitter feeds.