It's Redwood vs Lee at Next Election

Tory Turncoat Lee [right] with his new Lib Dem Deputy

IT'S going to be Tory John Redwood Vs Lib Dems newest recruit from the Tories, Dr Phillip Lee, TBG can sensationally reveal.

The Former Tory minister who is currently a Bracknell Lib Dem, Phillip Lee has told BBC South Political Editor Peter Henley that he will contest next door Wokingham at the next election, where arch-brexiteer John Redwood has an 18,000 majority.

Lee said of Redwood - “He is totally out of step with his constituents.”

Lee Tells the Independent on Sunday - “This is a real challenge. Yes, if there is an election this side of Christmas, it is going to be a sprint.”

“It’s going to be hard work for all concerned.”

“There are hundreds of members locally, hundreds. The activist base is strong.”

“The local party are totally up for the fight. We are going to throw everything at it.”

“This is a prime minister and an administration that is dividing and ruling.”

“All of his language, his whole approach, is to feed division, not to try to heal it.”

“The broader public is beginning to realise this.”

Wokingham voted to Remain by 56.7 per cent to 43.3 per cent in the 2016 referendum.