Grieve Demands Secret Govt Documents

THE government have responded to Dominic Grieve this evening after he told Parliament that he has received information from inside Government, the implication of which, is that Boris Johnson misled the Queen about his reasons for requesting the prorogation of Parliament.

Speaking about Dominic Grieve, Douglas Carswell told TBG: “His Maiden Speech in Parliament was all about Human Rights. His last initiative in the Commons is designed to force private individuals to publish their private messages for the advantage of his democracy-denying faction.”

Yeovil MP Marcus Fysh told TBG: ”Dominic Grieve’s humble address request for officials' private communications that the Lib Dems, Labour and others are pushing for, against their rights, shows just what a disgraceful kangaroo court this rotten Parliament has become.”

“It is time for a new one!”

The government was defeated in the debate by 311 votes to 302, ahead of another vote on an early election later.