Grieve And Downing Street Clash Again

ANY hopes of Dominic Grieve returning to the Tory fold were quickly dashed this morning after Dominic Grieve clashed with Downing Street yet again last night.

This time it’s in a row over the refusal of Number Ten to release emails, texts and WhatsApp messages from Dominic Cummings and eight other Downing Street aides.

Whilst Downing Street says it would breach the human rights of it’s staff, Mr Grieve warned that MPs could hold ministers in contempt of parliament and could even end up with the prime minister being expelled from the Commons.

TBG thinks it’s just another smear campaign from ardent Remoaners.

Hence our Downing Street source telling TBG that MPs are to blame for the “real failure of democracy” because of the fact that the result of the EU referendum has still not been honoured.

Well said Downing Street!