Greening Quits, Barwell Sticks Boot In Whilst Raab Shouts In The Wind

Greening letter to PM [click to enlarge]

JUSTINE Greening dropped a bombshell on BBC Radio 4 Today this morning.

The former Education Secretary said she will not be standing for the Conservatives at the next election but will continue the fight for her constituents.

Her comments sparked rumours of yet another Conservative elected MP joining the Lib Dem’s without a by election.

Meanwhile support for Philip Hammond came from an old friend this morning. Namely, Theresa May’s former chief of staff Gavin Barwell.

The former Croydon MP, who TBG campaigned for in 2015, weighed in behind former Chancellor Hammond.

Barwell says Number 10 should publish their backstop plan to prove it is serious about getting a deal.

The news comes as the current Number 10 Chief of Staff, Dominic Cummings reportedly described the talks as “sham negotiations.”

TBG thinks Gavin needs a holiday before he picks up his peerage!

The Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab, just told BBC Breakfast - “We are making progress in negotiations but by handing the order paper to Jeremy Corbyn we completely undermine our negotiating position.”

“We risk debilitating uncertainty if Hillary Benn And Jeremy Corbyn get their way.”

“It would mean multiple extensions, not just one extension. We don’t want that.”

“This is a crossroads moment. We cannot give Jeremy Corbyn control over the negotiations.”

“I want the country moving forward.”

“The bill being proposed means debilitating uncertainty.”

“Parliament has ample time before and after the EU Council.”

“We don’t want a election and we don’t want to scupper a deal with Brussels. We need to give the negotiating team full support!”