Government Release Yellowhammer Documents

THE Yellowhammer documents say the impact of No Deal would include HGV delays of 1.5-2.5 days at Dover, increased electricity prices, delays to medicines, shortages of certain foods, rising food prices affecting the lowest paid, a rise in public disorder and illegal fishing boats.

A Downing Street source insists Yellowhammer was always worst case scenario, as Michael Gove said when document was first leaked.

Our source told TBG “This is a cabinet office secretariat document which looks at worst case scenarios.”

“They say it doesn’t assign relative probability.”

“All might happen or some or few.”

“Therefore not necessarily predictions.”

“Nonetheless a new one is being compiled taking into account government policy and will be published in due course.”

However, Labour’s Keir Starmer sees it differently.

Starmer just told ITV News - “It's completely irresponsible for the government to have tried to ignore these stark warnings and prevent public from seeing evidence.”

“Boris Johnson must now admit that he has been dishonest with British people about the consequence of a No Deal Brexit."

Boris Johnson today ruled out a Northern Ireland only backstop.

In a Facebook Live Q&A with the public Mr. Johnson said “The crucial thing to understand is we will not accept a Northern Ireland-only backstop that simply does not work for the UK."