EXCLUSIVE: Tory MP Feels Betrayed Over Defection

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TORY turncoat & new Lib Dem recruit Sam Gyimah is MP for East Surrey. Crispin Blunt is MP for neighbouring Redhill and has commented exclusively to TBG over his neighbouring colleagues defection to the Lib Dems.

Crispin told TBG: "To say I’m disappointed is an understatement."

"To say I’m surprised would be an overstatement."

"Do I feel betrayed, absolutely."

"You have had every opportunity to be a team player with Surrey and other neighbouring colleagues and it’s clear you’ve only been in this business for yourself."

"I anticipate you will find the demands of the Liberal Democrats for community engagement impossible to meet given your record as my Conservative neighbour."

"If I believed this was about a principled belief in the European ideal I would be minded to understand."

"In your case this is about a principled belief in Sam Gyimah."

"At least I’m relieved of defending your corner any longer.”

“You’re put upon and no longer loyal neighbour".