EXCLUSIVE: Tory Activists Prepare Free Boris Campaign As Remainers Threaten PM With Jail

REMAINERS have sensationally told the PM that he may face jail if he refuses to extend Brexit beyond October 31st, TBG can reveal.

MP's passed a law this past week that instructs PM Boris Johnson to beg the EU to delay Brexit and extend Article 50 even further. Boris has categorically said he will not do this and stated he'd "rather be dead in a ditch" than go to the EU and request a delay.

This has prompted Remainers to prepare a court case that could see the Prime Minister sent to jail for delivering the democratic mandate from the British people to leave the European Union on October 31st.

TBG can exclusively reveal that in response to the threat Tory activists are preparing for a post-Brexit campaign to free the "People's" Prime Minister from jail.

Free Boris campaign organisers have told TBG that t-shirts will be available at a very reasonable price.

Tory turncoat europhile Dominic Grieve, who lost the whip this week after voting for Corbyn's EU Surrender Bill, told LBC - "I've found his (Boris) behaviour quite astonishing. The simple truth is that he can't do this. It's the law of the land, he's a subject of the law of the land, as anybody else."

"If he continues, then a legal challenge will be brought in court to order the government to comply, and it will include, if necessary, an injunction requiring him to do this.

"If he doesn't do that he could be brought before the court and, technically speaking, he could be sent to prison for contempt."