Diplomatic Backlash At Luxembourg PM

Luxembourg PM in an extraordinarily bizarre tirade against UK & Brexit after BoJo no show

JUST when you thought things could not get worse for the EU after yesterday’s incident in Luxembourg TBG can sensationally reveal that they have.

So much so that Norbert Röttgen, a senior Christian Democrat and the chairman of the German parliament’s powerful foreign affairs committee, has warned that the incident made a no-deal Brexit more likely.

Röttgen is set to tell tomorrow’s Times newspaper - “Xavier Bettel’s speech did not serve the European cause.”

“His public venting ignored that a deal is still in everyone’s interest.”

“Even without a deal there will be a post-Brexit life, which means that right now everyone needs to behave in a way that avoids animosity.”

Another EU source said “The main problem is that this only reinforces the them-versus-us narrative that Johnson has used before.”

“It will not do him any harm.”

“A leader of a bigger country would not have used such an important occasion to better his own profile.”

An official from President Macron’s office, ahead of a visit to Paris by Mr Bettel, said that France was not ruling out a no-deal Brexit in six weeks time.

TBG thinks it’s hardened resolve to reject any possible extension request.