Defection Watch 👀

UPDATE 13/09/19; Sarah Woolaston told the i - “A lot of them (Conservatives) will be looking very seriously about how they can be most effective.”

“There are an awful lot of people in the Conservative Party who, like me, genuinely care about issues of social justice and genuinely care about what will happen if we do leave [the EU] – particularly with a chaotic no deal.”

“They should look very carefully look at the groundswell of opinion wanting more than that choice of a hard Brexit egoist or somebody who is embracing something much further to the left than we have had in British politics.”

Heidi Allen defection rumours resurfacing again today with the latest being that another announcement is due as early as tomorrow.

May be that the Lib Dem’s are spacing out their new recruits after all?

7/9/19 - TBG can sensationally reveal that the Lib Dem’s are set to announce at least one and possibly two new defections in the coming hours.

Lots of names have been touted including Nicholas Soames and Anne Milton but TBG understands the two are former Labour MP Angela Smith and former Tory Heidi Allen.

Smith has been MP for Penistone and Stocksbridge since 2010.

Earlier today she tweeted support for Hull MP Diana Johnson who is having to go through a reselection process.

Allen has been the member for South Cambridgeshire since 2015.

4/9/19 - Lee has suffered a vote of NO Confidence by his association.

Caroline Spellman has survived her whip being withdrawn after voting against the government today.

Below is a message from the Tory MP's WhatsApp group asking those with their whips withdrawn to exit the group.

3/9/19 - Earlier Bracknell MP Phillip Lee crossed the floor from Tory benches to the Lib Dem’s whilst Boris was on his feet.

Lee said - "After a great deal of thought, I have reached the conclusion that it is no longer possible to serve my constituents’ and country’s best interests as a Conservative Member of Parliament."