Cox: Dead Parliament Has No Moral Right To Sit On These Benches

IT'S all kicking off in Westminster.

The Attorney general has just told the House of Commons they're not fit to sit on the green benches and it was a moral outrage that they are. He also can’t promise to publish full prorogation advice.

However, he says “the matter is under consideration”.

Geoffrey Cox insisted his legal advice was “entirely sound at the time” and that “at all times the Government acted in good faith”.

Mr Cox added “I don't think it is a 'constitutional coup', doesn't believe anyone else does either, but sometimes such things are said in the heat of rhetorical and poetic licence".

“There is nothing wrong with anyone criticising the decision of a judge but we must not criticise their motives.”

Tory MP John Redwood accused the Supreme Court of intervening in the “highly political matter of when we leave the European Union”.

Asked for commitment that the government will not prorogue U.K. Parliament again before 31 October Geoffrey Cox offers "no prorogation which does not comply with the terms of the judgement of the Supreme Court.”