Corbyn Pledges To Overturn Union Laws

SPEAKING at the TUC Conference Corbyn said Boris Johnson's "reckless no deal" would "destroy jobs, push up food prices and cause shortages of everyday medicines"

"Who bears the cost of that? It wouldn't be Johnson and his wealthy friends," the Labour leader said.

Corbyn went on to repeat his pledge to repeal Conservative trade union laws and set up an Employment Rights ministry to enforce and extend union rights instead.

The news came on the day that saw the fastest wage growth in eleven years at 4%, unemployment fell again, long term unemployment has fell 50% in five years and female employment reached a record high.

Speaking in response to Corbyn’s speech to the TUC this morning Tory MP Ross Thompson told Politics Live - "Jeremy Corbyn has continuously called for a General Election.”

“Then when the opportunity is there to vote for it, to allow the people to have their say on what happens with Brexit, they bottled it."

“They don’t want it."

"They want to deny the people their opportunity."