Corbyn Dodges General Election Call

JEREMY Corbyn sensationally refused to answer questions from multiple sources at a news conference this morning as regards a General Election.

Earlier, Tony Blair said an election now would be an elephant trap for Labour.

Asked in Manchester whether or not he backed a motion of no confidence in the government too, the Labour Leader and his co speaker, Rebecca Long Bailey once again ducked the most important questions.

However, Corbyn did apparently say he would back an election in the end but it wasn’t on camera.

Kate McCann tweeted “Just grabbed Mr Corbyn at the end of the press conference and he said Labour WILL back a general election under ANY circumstances if Boris Johnson were to call one: 'Of course, we are the opposition party, we want a general election' he said... sadly not on camera!”

TBG thinks our hero PM Boris has got Corbyn on the run because his party would get completely smashed.