Corbyn Caves In To The Unions Again As Splits Emerge

JEREMY Corbyn has caved in to the unions again.

In their meeting with him, the unions have endorsed the Labour leader's position that in a general election Labour should campaign for a referendum that would have a "credible leave option and remain" on the ballot paper.

The Leave option is rumoured to be Theresa May’s Treacherous Deal.

It means that members of the shadow cabinet, such as Keir Starmer, Emily Thornberry, John McDonnell and Tom Watson want Labour to adopt an unambiguous remain position have been defeated.

All the unions unanimously backed this position, not just Len McCluskey and Unite.

Starmer, Thornberry, McDonnell, and Watson fear it will see large number of remain supporting Labour voters switching to support the LibDems and the Greens instead.

TBG thinks that by not accepting the original referendum result Labour will lose lots of marginal seats they currently hold in the north of England.

Splits have already started to emerge in Labour’s new position tonight.

Tom Watson has broken with Jeremy Corbyn and says now is not the time for a general election.

Watson believes a second referendum must take place first