Come Home To The Tories Urges Mogg

THE Telegraph reports that Jacob Rees-Mogg praised Nigel Farage last night as he urged Brexiteers to come back to the Conservative Party as Britain leaves the EU.

The Leader of the House of Commons said the Brexit Party leader was “the most important political figure outside Parliament in the past 30 years and that Brexiteers “owe him a great debt”.

Jacob warned Tory and Brexit Party supporters that they “all want the same thing ... to leave the EU”, but risked enabling Labour to win a general election.

Mr Mogg said - “I absolutely know conservative activists that voted for the Brexit party in swathes in the May election. 72 per cent of Conservative voters voted for the Brexit party.”


“Because they felt let down and we hadn't delivered Brexit.”

"That's why we must deliver Brexit.”

“Uniting us is done by delivering not by back room stitch ups.”

“Deliver Brexit, we all come back together.”