Cameron: You Are Either A Team Player Or A W*nker - Sneak Peek At Explosive New Book

TBG can reveal that former Prime Minister David Cameron has sensationally criticised both Boris Johnson and Michael Gove in his new book.

TBG has just been leaked a part of the book’s transcript and here’s what it says on Brexit:

“I loved the explaining and arguing and that side of politics, persuasion, but then, as it went on, I just felt more and more bogged down.”

“It turned into this terrible Tory psychodrama and I couldn’t seem to get through. “

“What Boris and Michael Gove were doing was more exciting than the issues I was trying to get across.”

“I felt like I was in a sort of quagmire by the end.”

“Johnson and Gove behaved appallingly”.

“Boris had never argued for leaving the EU, right?”

“Michael was a very strong Eurosceptic, but someone whom I’d known as this liberal, compassionate, rational Conservative ended up making arguments about Turkey [joining] and being swamped and what have you.”

“They were trashing the government of which they were a part, effectively.”

On the Boris bus with its claim that we send the EU £350 million a week that could be spent on the NHS David said: “I’m afraid it is a real problem in politics – and there is no real answer to this. If you’re having a row about your issue, you’re winning, even if the numbers are wrong.”

Cameron had this phrase: “You are either a team player or a wanker” and put it to Gove in a text.”