Cameron New Book Excerpts

Cameron will talk about his book tomorrow on ITV at 8pm

Cameron on The New PM

“Of course, as a new prime minister I wished Boris well.”

“I wanted him to get a deal from the EU that would have passed in the House of Commons.”

“If that was to happen, I would have been elated.”

“But clearly, while he started out down that road, the strategy has morphed into something quite different.”

“Taking the whip from hard-working Conservative MPs and sharp practices using prorogation of Parliament have rebounded.”

“I didn’t support either of those things. Neither do I think a no-deal Brexit is a good idea.”

On a second EU referendum?

“I don’t think you can rule it out because we’re stuck.”

Would he campaign in a second referendum?

"I’m not saying one will happen or should happen. I’m just saying that you can’t rule things out right now because you’ve got to find some way of unblocking the blockage. I think there are certain things you shouldn’t do to unblock the blockage. I think proroguing parliament – pretending it doesn’t exist – I think that would be a bad thing."

A no-deal Brexit

"I think it is a bad outcome. I very much hope it doesn’t happen! I don’t think it should be pursued."

Cameron advised May

“I remember frequently texting her about the frustration of getting a Brexit deal and then seeing Brexiteers vote it down possibly at the risk of the whole project they had devoted themselves to.”

“Maddening And infuriating.”

“There’s an argument that Brexit is just impossible to deliver and no one could have done, and there’s an argument that, well, wrong choices were made. This is somewhere in between.”