Cameron Didn't Expect Majority In 2010

DAVID Cameron did not expect to win an outright majority in 2010, TBG can reveal.

Cameron speaks of the morning after the night before in his book, For The Record.

Instead of speaking on the steps of Downing Street on the day after the election Cameron was tucked up in a hotel opposite the Houses of Parliament pondering his next move while wife Samantha went back to Oxfordshire to look after the kids.

So he decided to get some feedback by calling from “the big beasts of the Conservative Party” including John Major, Michael Howard, Iain Duncan Smith, Liam Fox, David Davis And Ken Clarke.

Cameron writes that he had predicted his party would end up with 300 to 310 seats.

In the end it was 306!

Not a bad prediction.

Cameron continues “the feedback was overwhelmingly that it would be right to reach out to the Lib Dem’s.”

The one exception was David Davis.

Hence, Cameron writes, “Which means I’m probably on the right track!”

More to come!