British Government Propose Irish Backstop Alternatives

HILLARY Benn has this morning penned a letter to Boris Johnson requesting an update on Brexit & Backstop alternatives, TBG can sensationally reveal.

The news comes on the day former Prime Minister John Major challenges Prorogue in the Supreme Court.

Major himself prorogued UK Parliament on March 21 1997 in response to the Cash for Questions scandal and rejected a request from Chris Mullin MP to scrap it.

Former Tory Leader Iain Duncan Smith this morning called Mr Major’s prorogue concerns “pot and kettle”.

TBG understands that the Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay is due to have talks in Brussels tomorrow.

The Times today reports that Mr Barclay has already had talks with Simon Coveney, the Irish Deputy Prime Minister.

Downing Street told TBG - “We have now shared in written form a series of confidential technical non-papers which reflect the ideas the UK has been putting forward. We will table formal written solutions when we are ready”

EU spokesman said - “We have received documents from the UK.”

“And on that basis we will have technical discussions today on areas including customs, sanitary and phytosanitary measures, and meeting between Michel Barnier and Stephen Barclay tomorrow.”

“These are papers.”

“For now until we have looked at them in detail I would not go beyond characterising them as papers.”