Brexit Update

EU Council president Donald Tusk is meeting with Angela Merkel and Leo Varadkar in New York on Monday morning.

Tusk is scheduled to meet Boris Johnson in the afternoon the same day.

Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay has said that “there is a shared sense of purpose to get a deal over the line" after talks with Michel Barnier in Brussels earlier.

Barclay admitted there was “still a lot of work to do” but said there was a “common purpose” to get an agreement.

“No one wants to see a no-deal.”

“It would be disruptive for both sides and that’s why there is a shared sense of purpose to get a deal over the line."

A statement from the European Commission said “It is essential that there is a fully workable and legally operational solution included in the Withdrawal Agreement.”

“We remain willing and open to examine any such proposals that meet all the objectives of the backstop.”

TBG earlier reported how Jean-Claude Juncker finally caved into requests to reopen the Withdrawal Agreement.

Iain Duncan Smith tells tomorrow’s Daily Telegraph - “The European Union, behind the scenes, are panicking and desperate.”

“They know that they have to have a deal.”

"They also know that extending is a very poor option for them because it creates the continuous chaos.”

“So we hear a lot about the UK having chaos; the truth is I know a lot of people who work in and around the European Union and they’re all telling me nobody wants is another extension.”

"And they don’t want to be forced by the British parliament to have another extension, they want a deal.”

"What they’re desperate for is something on the table now, and I think they recognise they went in far too hard originally, they now have to be more flexible.”

“So there is a certain sense - and Boris Johnson is right in this - there’s a different mood now, but we have to put something on the table."