Boris Wants To Give The Railways Back To The People Of The North

THE Prime Minister today reaffirmed his pledge to give even more powers to people, businesses and political leaders across Northern regions.

In a speech in South Yorkshire, Boris reiterated that he remains committed to delivering the Sheffield City Region Deal and to opening up negotiations with Leeds and West Yorkshire.

Boris Johnson announced he will "give the railways of the North back to the people". The PM said he was giving power back to "where [the railways] were born" and handing over control of service patterns, rolling stock and stations to combined authority areas, county councils or community rail partnerships.

Boris Johnson said: "Today, coming from London, on the train, It took me just over an hour and a half to get to Doncaster. But if, for example, you are travelling from Liverpool to Rotherham - less than half the distance - you might have had to leave an hour earlier than me and change as many as three times."

"Your journey may have been on two and three carriage trains, some of them built in the early 1980s with a body designed for a bus and maybe bus seats, too. I love buses, but not when they're supposed to be trains."

The government will also create a new Northern Powerhouse growth body to drive forward the region’s economy, and with the powers to bring together major organisations working in the region.

Boris told TBG: “It is time that we gave more people a say over the places where they live, and it is time that we gave you the proper ability to run things your way.”

“We are going to maximise the power of the north. And we are going to make sure that it is people here who are in control over the things that matter to them.”

“If we succeed in levelling up opportunity across our country, and if we truly put the power in your hands, then I believe you will do for the North – and for our whole country - what the railways did two centuries ago.”

“That is the true potential of this Northern Powerhouse Partnership. And this is a Government that will back you to deliver it.”