Boris To Prorogue UK Parliament Again

HOT on the heels of today’s Supreme Court ruling, Boris Johnson plans to prorogue Parliament AGAIN in order to allow a new Queen’s Speech, TBG can sensationally reveal.

TBG understands that the Prime Minister may even include his potential new Brexit Withdrawal Agreement in it.

A meeting of the Cabinet will take place this afternoon even though Boris is still in New York.

The House of Commons resumes at 11:30am tomorrow and Jeremy Corbyn’s Speech To The Labour Party Conference is now taking place this afternoon.

Tory Whips have also just confirmed a three line whip for MPs tomorrow.

Conservative MP for Mid Derbyshire, Pauline Latham told TBG - “I think the Supreme Court have been very stupid - they shouldn't be interfering in Parliamentary business.”

“It could pave the way for an American-style judiciary.”

Meanwhile, in the last few minutes, figures from the rebel alliance are again gathering in Westminster.

Cabinet call is now expected at about 6:00pm tonight before Boris flies back from New York to face Parliament tomorrow.

Downing Street source told TBG - “Nothing changes with our strategy unless Labour force a confidence vote tomorrow.”

Amber Rudd earlier told Radio 4 World at One - “There is slightly too much from the Executive at the moment, and from one or two MP’s saying they support the Supreme Court but this is the law so let’s abide by it and find a way to deliver on the referendum of 2016.”