Boris Set To Reveal Brexit Proposals

BORIS Johnson is planning to put publish "concrete proposals" for reaching a Brexit deal with the EU straight after the Conservative Conference And well ahead of the EU summit on 17 October, TBG can sensationally reveal.

As TBG reported this morning, Mr Barclay met with Michel Barnier, the EU's top Brexit negotiator, this afternoon.

In a statement Mr Barclay told TBG - “A deal can be done, but there needs to be political will on both sides and we are now approaching the moment of truth in these negotiations.”

“We are committed to securing a deal, the Prime Minister has made clear he wants a deal, but there has to be political will on both sides and that’s what we’re exploring."

“For the country to move on, for us to be able to then go through bringing people back together, we need Brexit to happen in order to do that.”

"I have been very clear with Michel Barnier and Taskforce 50 in the negotiations.”

“The backstop has to go, but with good will on both sides a deal can be done.”