Boris Set To Call For No Confidence Vote

BORIS Johnson is set to call on opposition MPs to table a motion of No Confidence in the governement and will say the Government will allow the time to vote tomorrow, TBG can erveal.

It comes as speculation grows that the Labour front bench are softening their stance as regards having an election.

Labour are now refusing to rule out backing a one-line bill setting an early date for a general election as long as the Benn bill can be made watertight.

The Government previously rejected the idea, fearing it could be amended.

However, Geoffrey Cox resurrected it this morning.

Conservative MPs are now also taking a tough line on the Labour threat to oppose their conference recess.

One source told TBG “If they wreck our conference and we win the election there will be no Labour conference next year.”

Boris' statement is expected sometime after 6:30 and the big rumour is an election is now imminent.