Boris Johnson Should Take No Lectures From Tory Has Beens Like Cameron And Major

What an utter traitor David Cameron has become.

After winning an outright majority at the 2015 General Election thanks to Brexiteers like me and the Road Trip 2015 Team sticking with him in tough times, Mr Cameron tried to renegotiate Britain’s position within the EU so that he could put it to the people in a straight in or out Referendum.

Remember the quote “in or out!”

This was after he promised in 2010 to give us a say on the Lisbon Treaty and, along with Nick Clegg, who himself promised an EU referendum in 2008, and broke it.

We were told in 2016 that it was a once in a lifetime opportunity For our country.

We either stay in the EU or we come out of the EU.

Pure and Simple!

Project Fear tried to scare us with their wild forecasts that have since been proven to be a pack of lies.

David Cameron himself used public money in his own Leaflet.

Yet even though we voted to Leave it now transpires that he urged Theresa May to pursue an even softer Brexit than the one she tried and failed to deliver.

The one that the likes of David Gauke, Philip Hammond, And Nicholas Soames wanted.

Who does this ex Prime Minister think he is?

Does he not know the meaning of the word Leave?

And then we have the Tory Prime Minister before him, John “Pot and Kettle” Major arguing against Boris Johnson’s prorogue.

Let me remind readers of something.

On March 21st 1997 John Major himself prorogued UK Parliament so as to cover up the “Cash For Questions Scandal” involving former MP Neil Hamilton who went on to lose his Tatton seat in the General Election to former BBC correspondent Martin Bell as the Blair era began in earnest.

So Boris Johnson should take no lectures from Tory has beens like Cameron and Major.

66.% of members who voted in the Tory Leadership Contest voted for Boris.

Boris Johnson’s approval rating amongst Tory voters is now 91%.

So he can’t be doing much wrong can he?

Unlike Major and Cameron, we Brexiteers under Boris have got our party back.

On October 31st we shall get our country back!