Boris Johnson Is True Statesman Leadership That This Country Has Lacked for Decades

Win, lose, or draw, what we are seeing from Boris Johnson is the true statesmanlike leadership that this country has lacked for decades.

It is crystal clear that what opposition members of the U.K. Parliament are doing is blatant treachery on behalf of a European Union that is on the brink.

The reason the European Union is on the brink is because they need our business more than we need there’s and they know it!

So who comes along to give them a helping hand?

The very people who, as a whole, have for years dined on their gravy train!

Boris should never let these traitors seize control because all they will do is sell us down the river.

Boris wants a good deal yet Labour won’t even let us leave.

No Deal is our negotiating trump card yet Labour treat it as a Joker.

Except that Corbyn and Labour and the Tory rebels are the real jokers by putting our country, our sovereignty, our nation and our economic stability all at risk in the name of political opportunism.

Shame on Corbyn.

Shame on the rebels.

I’m backing Boris.