Boris Digs-In: PM Won't Abide By Labour Surrender Act

BORIS arrived for an 11:30am meeting of the 1922 Committee to bangs of doors and slamming of tables.

Boris told Tory MPs that “Labour are trying to drive us off the word surrender because they know it is cutting through.”

Which seems to indicate that he is not going to stop using the phrase.

European Commission have just announced that chief negotiator Michel Barnier and Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay will hold talks in Brussels tomorrow.

Statement reads - “We have received documents from the UK.”

“The fourth one yesterday.”

“The technical discussions are taking place on some aspects of customs and SPS rules.”

Downing Street told TBG “There will be no backing down in calling the Act trying to prevent a no deal Brexit next month ‘surrender.’”

“It is surrender because it makes negotiation harder!”

Michael Fabricant told TBG - “The Act of Parliament, which deliberately surrenders our negotiating position with the EU by attempting to make it illegal to walk away from the negotiating table, is aptly known as the “Surrender Act.”

“Like the so called 'dementia tax', it describes what it does!”

Iain Duncan Smith said “The establishment has to recognise that if the British people are given a vote on an issue, we have to deliver on that result.”

“Prime Minister Boris Johnson stands four square with the people must not be deflected from his determination to deliver Brexit by 31st October.”