Boris And Tusk Meet In New York

Sky News reporting Donald Tusk says there's been s no breakthrough on Brexit after meeting PM Boris Johnson in New York.

A Downing Street spokeswoman said that the Prime Minister - "Had used the meeting to tell Mr Tusk that in order to reach a deal we need movement and flexibility from the EU".

Asked by the BBC if he would resign if the Supreme Court agrees with the Scottish court that he misled the Queen on Parliament s suspension the Prime Minister said “Let us see what the justices say.”

Asked about the 31st October deadline Boris told Gary Gibbon - “We will obey the law, but we will also ensure that we will leave the EU on 31 Oct.”

An EU source tells TBG that Johnson and Tusk met for about about 30 minutes today.

Atmosphere was positive However, there are, "still big gaps in substance.”

The source went on - "The EU will need realistic, operational proposals in legal form.”

“The UK non-papers do not meet the objectives of the backstop."