Boris And Hammond In No.10 Bust Up

BORIS Johnson lived up to his statesmanlike leadership in Downing Street a few minutes ago.

Our source says it went like this:

Boris: "I will not tolerate a Bill that hands over power to Corbyn."

Hammond: "We are handing over power to parliament."

Boris: "You are handing power over to a junta that includes Jeremy Corbyn."

TBG can also sensationally reveal that according to our source Philip Hammond was also accused of promoting the "conspiracy theory" that No.10 could switch an election date after the dissolution of parliament.

Rebels have responded and say Boris gave “an unconvincing explanation” of how a deal with the EU could pass before Oct 31st and didn’t give “a reasonable answer” to why the govt still hasn’t come up with an alternative to the backstop.

Hammond's former PPS Huw Merriman is not commenting on how he'll vote however, a colleague claims he left a Whatsapp group with Tory MPs earlier.