Arlene Foster To Meet Boris Today

ARLENE Foster of the DUP heading to Downing Street for meeting with Boris Johnson 24 hours after the PM met his Irish counterpart.

TBG understands meeting will take place this afternoon. Cabinet taking place this morning.

Ahead of their talks in Downing Street, the DUP insisted their influence over Brexit events was "not waning" despite Mr Johnson's government losing its Commons majority.

The party, which propped up Theresa May's government since the 2017 election, said it would not support any revised version of the former PM's Brexit agreement which separated Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK.

The DUP's meeting with Mr Johnson comes as pressure grows on Downing Street to reach a deal with the EU ahead of October.

Boris Johnson has insisted he will not seek an extension to the Brexit deadline if there is no agreement with the EU.

However, a source told TBG that there is evidence of Boris Johnson moving in the direction of a single market for agriculture for the Republic and Northern Ireland that would be bossed by Brussels. Something which unionists will regard as toxic and which ERG Brexiters see as breaking his promise to rip up the whole of Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement!

A Senior ERG source has told TBG that if PM goes for an all-Ireland backstop and then there’s no way a new Brexit deal can get through the Commons.

Jeffrey Donaldson told Politics Live - "The Prime Minister has made clear that as much as the Irish Republic wants to protect the integrity of the EU single market, it is the responsibility of the Prime MInister to protect the integrity of the UK single market."