Mogg Warns Of Remainer Coup

LEADER of the Commons Jacob-Rees Mogg has described the idea of a "government of national unity" as "not unity at all” but a "coup" with the purpose being "to try and frustrate and stop what 17.4 million people voted for", TBG can sensationally reveal.

“This Parliament is now holding the people in contempt.”

“It is time for a new Parliament.”

"A new egg must be laid that is not addled, as this one is."

A number of former Conservative MPs who have since lost the whip including Nicholas Soames and Antoniette Sandbach support the idea.

Mr Rees Mogg told a fringe meeting that - “The comeuppance they will get if they defy the electorate will come in the ballot box when we come to a general election."

"Fear nothing of their schemes and their stratagems, because ultimately we will have a general election and parties that deny democracy get into great trouble when people have the chance to vote and I would have thought the Liberal Democrats after their experience with coalition would be wary of going into coalition with Jeremy Corbyn."

Letwin Replacement Chosen

CHRIS Loder is the new Parliamentary candidate for West Dorset.

He replaces Oliver Letwin who has lost the Tory whip and is standing down at the General Election.

Chris is described as a high-flyer in the rail industry whose family has farmed locally for nearly a century,

He beat off competition from more than 100 applicants.

Boris Wants To Build 40 New Hospitals

PRIME Minister Boris Johnson this morning showed how it is the Conservatives who occupy the centre ground with new funding for the NHS totalling £33.9 Billion.

It’s the largest sum that has ever been invested in the NHS after the extra and will be spent on the health service between now and 2023.

The six hospitals to benefit from the £2.7bn in funding are:

■ Whipps Cross Hospital in London
■ Epsom and St Helier Trust
■ West Hertfordshire Trust
■ Princess Alexandra Hospital Trust
■ Leicester NHS Trust
■ Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust.

A further 34 new hospitals will receive £100m in initial funding to start improvement projects, including Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge, the Queen's Medical Centre in Nottingham and the North Manchester General Hospital.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock told TBG - “We are the party of the NHS and we care deeply about the NHS because it’s there for each and every one of us in our hour of need.”

“We now have record numbers of GPs in training, record numbers of doctors and nurses on our wards, but the infrastructure is creaking.”

“Some of our buildings are so out of date they make it much more difficult to run a modern hospital, so there will be state-of-the-art facilities.”

“It’s the biggest hospital building programme in a generation and it’s about making sure that, when you need it, the hospital can treat you with the best possible care.”

“In the past, building hospitals has been piecemeal, it had been funded by PFI which then hamstrung hospitals for decades.”

“I want to change that.”

Spread The Surrender Act Says Cummings

DOMINIC Cummings last night ordered Downing Street special advisers to continue to spread “The Surrender Act” for that is what it is, TBG can sensationally reveal.

Cummings said there would be an election in November and claimed Labour were trying to silence use of the word because “they know it’s hurting them”

Two Labour MPs, Paula Sherriff and Jes Phillips, did television interviews yesterday both of which seemed to be appealing for sympathy.

Yet TBG readers know full well that they themselves have used threatening behaviour and language in the past too.

Paula Sherriff, for example uses the word “betrayal” on her own web site HERE

And of course Jess Phillips has spoken of her determination to see Labour win the general election, saying she would knife Jeremy Corbyn “in the front, not the back” if it looks like he is damaging the party’s chances of electoral success.

It's Redwood vs Lee at Next Election

Tory Turncoat Lee [right] with his new Lib Dem Deputy

IT'S going to be Tory John Redwood Vs Lib Dems newest recruit from the Tories, Dr Phillip Lee, TBG can sensationally reveal.

The Former Tory minister who is currently a Bracknell Lib Dem, Phillip Lee has told BBC South Political Editor Peter Henley that he will contest next door Wokingham at the next election, where arch-brexiteer John Redwood has an 18,000 majority.

Lee said of Redwood - “He is totally out of step with his constituents.”

Lee Tells the Independent on Sunday - “This is a real challenge. Yes, if there is an election this side of Christmas, it is going to be a sprint.”

“It’s going to be hard work for all concerned.”

“There are hundreds of members locally, hundreds. The activist base is strong.”

“The local party are totally up for the fight. We are going to throw everything at it.”

“This is a prime minister and an administration that is dividing and ruling.”

“All of his language, his whole approach, is to feed division, not to try to heal it.”

“The broader public is beginning to realise this.”

Wokingham voted to Remain by 56.7 per cent to 43.3 per cent in the 2016 referendum.

Hammond Accused Of Smearing Boris

TBG can sensationally reveal that Philip Hammond has been accused of smearing Boris Johnson.

Hammond wrote in a national newspaper this morning that Boris’ Brexit stance is down to currency speculator backers.

He said the Prime Minister was prepared for a hard Brexit due the speculators who had backed him that had “bet billions” on this outcome.

Hammond wrote in today’s Time - “As his sister has reminded us, he is backed by speculators who have bet billions on a hard Brexit - and there is only one outcome that works for them: a crash-out no-deal Brexit that sends the currency tumbling and inflation soaring.”

Tory MP Nadhim Zahawi accused Hammond of letting himself down and of interfering in us leaving the EU on Twitter.

However, it doesn’t end there.

Zahawi writes in tomorrow’s Sunday Telegraph - “This is an ugly smear that is completely untrue.”

“If you know anything about finance or the city then you will know that.”

“It is a very sad day when a distinguished ex Chancellor, who understands finance, resorts to such smears.”

“This really is desperate stuff.”

“When we should all be focused on supporting our Government and our country to get the best deal possible.”

Is Khan Playing Politics For Corbyn?

Boris Johnson referred to police watchdog over US businesswoman links

DOWNING St are furious and a source told TBG - “This is a politically motivated attack.”

"Due process has not been followed and the timing is overtly political."

No evidence of any allegations has been provided by the monitoring officer nor was the PM given any opportunity to respond to the monitoring officer prior to the publishing of a press release late on a Friday night.”

“The public and media will rightly see through such a nakedly political put-up job.”

Just like the Democrats are trying to steel the 2020 Presidential Election in the USA with their latest allegations about Trump, it seems as though Trump’s arch rival Sadiq Khan has it in for Trump’s pal Boris.

Khan’s Greater London Authority has Tonight sensationally referred Boris to the Independent Office for Police Conduct for a possible investigation into whether he committed misconduct in a public office in connection to his friendship with American businesswoman Jennifer Arcuri.

Given the timing of it all, TBG smells a rat.

Boris Set To Reveal Brexit Proposals

BORIS Johnson is planning to put publish "concrete proposals" for reaching a Brexit deal with the EU straight after the Conservative Conference And well ahead of the EU summit on 17 October, TBG can sensationally reveal.

As TBG reported this morning, Mr Barclay met with Michel Barnier, the EU's top Brexit negotiator, this afternoon.

In a statement Mr Barclay told TBG - “A deal can be done, but there needs to be political will on both sides and we are now approaching the moment of truth in these negotiations.”

“We are committed to securing a deal, the Prime Minister has made clear he wants a deal, but there has to be political will on both sides and that’s what we’re exploring."

“For the country to move on, for us to be able to then go through bringing people back together, we need Brexit to happen in order to do that.”

"I have been very clear with Michel Barnier and Taskforce 50 in the negotiations.”

“The backstop has to go, but with good will on both sides a deal can be done.”

Labour MPs Caught Using Threatening Behaviour

WITH the Labour Party kicking up a stink in Parliament over use of certain words TBG spotted a couple of incidents recently of the government being the subject of aggressive behaviour themselves that can only be seen as a kind of direct action.

First, TBG saw a number of tweets relating to the behaviour of Jess Phillips. The MP physically confronted the PM in the Commons lobbies allegedly waging her finger and shouting at him whilst Labour MPs stood by and filmed the incident on their phones.

Philips has form for losing her rag after once saying she wished she could "stab Corbyn from the front".

Also, yesterday, Hull East MP Karl Turner was 'caught' on camera harassing and confronting Boris aide Dominic Cummings.

Surely this in itself underlines the hypocrisy of the Labour Party - something that TBG believes we will see much more of in Manchester next week.


Sharma: There is a Loss Of Trust

PEOPLE are frustrated and there is a loss of trust in democracy.

That was the message from the MP for Reading West & Secretary of State for International Development,Alok Sharma, this morning.

The International Development Secretary told LBC that he is sure the party's conference will be "extremely successful.”

On Brexit he said "We are making progress."

As TBG reported, Steve Barclay is in Brussels this morning meeting Michel Barnier.

Sharma told LBC "I am cautiously optimistic but there is going to have to be movement from the European Union."

"It will be a very, very positive event."

"The last three years we've not delivered on the referendum result and I think that people do find that incredibly frustrating.”

"They do feel that there has been a loss of trust in democratic processes.”

“We saw that in the European elections earlier this year."

Rudd Plotting To Replace Johnson

TBG always was suspicious over Amber Rudd’s resignation.

If tomorrow’s Sun is anything to go by we were right.

The paper is tomorrow reporting that up to three Cabinet ministers are calling for Boris to both calm down and dumb down.

And guess who is planning to stand as caretaker PM? Dear old Amber herself.

The Sun reports the former DWP Minister is "positioning herself" as a unity figure.

They quote a Downing Street source as saying - “Keep an eye on Amber. It seems pretty obvious now that she’s going to throw her hat in the ring to be caretaker PM if they manage to get Boris.”

The Sun says, “She has George Osborne’s backing for it, and he’s always up to something.”

Cummings: We Will WIn

MPs who refuse to accept the result of the EU referendum shouldn’t “complain” about anger.

That’s according to the Prime Minister’s most senior adviser, Dominic Cummings.

In an interview with Stewart Wheeler earlier tonight, Cummings said it was “not surprising that some people are angry” about the delay to Brexit and found it “odd” that MPs who back the Surrender Bill were taken aback by it.

Mr Cummings said he and others who fought for Leave “are enjoying this”, adding: “We are going to win, we are going to leave, don’t worry!”

Major Treachery

TBG always thought that there would be a loophole in the Surrender Act.

The only problem is that former PM Sir John Major is set to pre warn his friends at the EU about it.

TBG understands that the Prime Minister could use an Order of Council to avoid implementing the legislation until after 31 October, by which time we will have left the EU.

The move could be carried out through the Privy Council a bit like the U.K. Parliament Prorogue was.

Thus meaning that Parliament would not be able to block it.

However, would the courts?

Sir John Major, who was Prime Minister from 1990 until 1997 and is thought to be a part of the Establishment trying to block Brexit will say in a speech at the Spanish Embassy on Friday this:

"My fear is that the Government will seek to bypass statute law, by passing an Order of Council to suspend the Act until after 31 October.”

"It is important to note that an Order of Council can be passed by Privy Councillors without involving HM The Queen.”

"I should warn the Prime Minister that if this route is taken it will be in flagrant defiance of Parliament and utterly disrespectful to the Supreme Court.”

"It would be a piece of political chicanery that no-one should ever forgive or forget."

TBG smells the sour grapes already.

MPs Reject Recess

Ten Tory MPs did not vote [above]

AS predicted by TBG, the opposition parties have ganged up to block a three day Parliamentary recess next week.

It means that the Conservative Conference will face all kinds of disruption.

Nine of the 21 Tory rebels voted against.

• Guto Bebb
• Nick Boles
• Ken Clarke
• David Gauke
• Justine Greening
• Dominic Grieve
• Anne Milton
• Amber Rudd
• Antoinette Sandbach

Boris was due to speak in Manchester on Wednesday.

Now it’s assumed he will be taking PMQs instead.

UPDATE: Look’s like Dominic Raab will be taking PMQs next Wednesday as Boris Speech is going ahead as planned.

Boris Digs-In: PM Won't Abide By Labour Surrender Act

BORIS arrived for an 11:30am meeting of the 1922 Committee to bangs of doors and slamming of tables.

Boris told Tory MPs that “Labour are trying to drive us off the word surrender because they know it is cutting through.”

Which seems to indicate that he is not going to stop using the phrase.

European Commission have just announced that chief negotiator Michel Barnier and Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay will hold talks in Brussels tomorrow.

Statement reads - “We have received documents from the UK.”

“The fourth one yesterday.”

“The technical discussions are taking place on some aspects of customs and SPS rules.”

Downing Street told TBG “There will be no backing down in calling the Act trying to prevent a no deal Brexit next month ‘surrender.’”

“It is surrender because it makes negotiation harder!”

Michael Fabricant told TBG - “The Act of Parliament, which deliberately surrenders our negotiating position with the EU by attempting to make it illegal to walk away from the negotiating table, is aptly known as the “Surrender Act.”

“Like the so called 'dementia tax', it describes what it does!”

Iain Duncan Smith said “The establishment has to recognise that if the British people are given a vote on an issue, we have to deliver on that result.”

“Prime Minister Boris Johnson stands four square with the people must not be deflected from his determination to deliver Brexit by 31st October.”

The British People Have Had Enough of The Cowards in The Labour Party

Boris Johnson is absolutely right to dare the opposition to have an election to break the Brexit deadlock.

The British people have had enough of the cowards in the Labour Party.

They vote at their Conference to have another referendum yet they run a mile when challenged to put their wild left wing dogma to the test.

They moan at language such as traitor and betrayal yet what they are doing behind the backs of the government with their friends at the EU amounts to just that.

Corbyn and co are nothing but free spending communist hypocrites who would bankrupt our nation.

They deserve what is coming when the election is over.

Long live Boris the patriot for bringing democracy back!

Boris On Fire

PRIME Minister Boris Johnson came out fighting tonight accusing MPs of trying to wreck his EU negotiations.

Amidst Labour MPs shouting “Resign” and “you should be in jail”, Boris told the Commons, “This Parliament does not want Brexit to happen at all.”

Mr Johnson said it's no disrespect to the Supreme Court to say "it was wrong.”

Attacking Labour, Boris said - “Out of sheer selfishness and political cowardice, members opposite are unable to move aside and give the people a say”.

“They have until the House rises today to propose a motion of no confidence and face their day of reckoning.”

“Get Brexit done so we can reunite of country.”

Boris Set To Call For No Confidence Vote

BORIS Johnson is set to call on opposition MPs to table a motion of No Confidence in the governement and will say the Government will allow the time to vote tomorrow, TBG can erveal.

It comes as speculation grows that the Labour front bench are softening their stance as regards having an election.

Labour are now refusing to rule out backing a one-line bill setting an early date for a general election as long as the Benn bill can be made watertight.

The Government previously rejected the idea, fearing it could be amended.

However, Geoffrey Cox resurrected it this morning.

Conservative MPs are now also taking a tough line on the Labour threat to oppose their conference recess.

One source told TBG “If they wreck our conference and we win the election there will be no Labour conference next year.”

Boris' statement is expected sometime after 6:30 and the big rumour is an election is now imminent.

Cox: Dead Parliament Has No Moral Right To Sit On These Benches

IT'S all kicking off in Westminster.

The Attorney general has just told the House of Commons they're not fit to sit on the green benches and it was a moral outrage that they are. He also can’t promise to publish full prorogation advice.

However, he says “the matter is under consideration”.

Geoffrey Cox insisted his legal advice was “entirely sound at the time” and that “at all times the Government acted in good faith”.

Mr Cox added “I don't think it is a 'constitutional coup', doesn't believe anyone else does either, but sometimes such things are said in the heat of rhetorical and poetic licence".

“There is nothing wrong with anyone criticising the decision of a judge but we must not criticise their motives.”

Tory MP John Redwood accused the Supreme Court of intervening in the “highly political matter of when we leave the European Union”.

Asked for commitment that the government will not prorogue U.K. Parliament again before 31 October Geoffrey Cox offers "no prorogation which does not comply with the terms of the judgement of the Supreme Court.”

Labour Threat To Disrupt Conservative Conference

TBG can sensationally reveal that the government is expected to table a motion tomorrow calling for a short conference recess on Monday and Tuesday next week.

The Conservative Party conference runs from Saturday to Wednesday.

However, both Labour and former Tory MPs want Boris Johnson to extend the Brexit deadline as a condition of conference going ahead.

It means that Tory MPs are likely to have to shuttle between London and Manchester while parliament is sitting.

Thus possibly affecting crucial votes depending on the government business timetable which is due to be published by the Leader of the House of Commons, Jacob Rees Mogg, on Thursday night.

A Downing Street source told TBG “Conference will have to carry on.”

“If that means MPs are going to have to miss parliament then so be it.”

“People will have to be shuttling to and from the conference.”

“It’s deeply unfair.”

“It just shows how venal and bitter things have become.”

Shadow Brexit Secretary Keir Starmer said his party would only support a conference recess for the Tories if Boris Johnson “went to Brussels and agreed to delay Brexit.”

Former Tory MPs are backing Starmer too.

One told a national newspaper - “After the way they’ve behaved over prorogation why on earth would we help them?”

“There is no goodwill left, they can’t be trusted.”

The Labour Party Are An Absolute Disgrace

Just how low can the Labour Party be?

For years it has been a tradition to recess U.K. Parliament for party conferences.

For years it has also been traditional to prorogue Parliament before a Queen’s Speech.

Yet now, due to even more petty squabbles over Brexit, Labour are effectively blackmailing the government to go to Brussels and seek another Brexit extension that once again undermines our democracy just so as the Conservatives can have their conference.

This is disgraceful behaviour on the part of Labour and Jeremy Corbyn.

Does this man not believe in democracy?

Do Labour still not accept the 17.4 million who voted to Leave the EU?

Maybe that is why they are still running shy of calling a General Election?

Either way, the people have spoken once and I have no doubt they shall speak once again with these simple words:

We want to Leave the dreaded EU.

So long as Corbyn and his mantra refuse to accept the will of the people, they will have no confidence in him and come the General Election he will get the thrashing his party deserves.

Boris To Prorogue UK Parliament Again

HOT on the heels of today’s Supreme Court ruling, Boris Johnson plans to prorogue Parliament AGAIN in order to allow a new Queen’s Speech, TBG can sensationally reveal.

TBG understands that the Prime Minister may even include his potential new Brexit Withdrawal Agreement in it.

A meeting of the Cabinet will take place this afternoon even though Boris is still in New York.

The House of Commons resumes at 11:30am tomorrow and Jeremy Corbyn’s Speech To The Labour Party Conference is now taking place this afternoon.

Tory Whips have also just confirmed a three line whip for MPs tomorrow.

Conservative MP for Mid Derbyshire, Pauline Latham told TBG - “I think the Supreme Court have been very stupid - they shouldn't be interfering in Parliamentary business.”

“It could pave the way for an American-style judiciary.”

Meanwhile, in the last few minutes, figures from the rebel alliance are again gathering in Westminster.

Cabinet call is now expected at about 6:00pm tonight before Boris flies back from New York to face Parliament tomorrow.

Downing Street source told TBG - “Nothing changes with our strategy unless Labour force a confidence vote tomorrow.”

Amber Rudd earlier told Radio 4 World at One - “There is slightly too much from the Executive at the moment, and from one or two MP’s saying they support the Supreme Court but this is the law so let’s abide by it and find a way to deliver on the referendum of 2016.”

This Is Clearly An Establishment Stitch Up

So, the Establishment run judiciary think they know better than elected politicians.

What a sad day for democracy.

Boris should just go ahead and prorogue again until we are out of the EU.

It’s clearly an establishment stitch up.

It may cost him his career but it will get us out and Boris will be a hero.

Leave Means Leave!

Labour Members Plan Watson Walk-Out

Hunt Calls For Rebels To Have Whip Restored

JEREMY Hunt has this morning said that Boris Johnson should restore the Tory to MPs who rebelled over Brexit.

The former Conservative Leadership finalist told BBC Radio 4 Today - “I don’t think it is too late.”

“There is a recognition even inside Government that this is a situation that needs to be resolved.”

However, Mr Hunt says they need to accept that Boris Johnson “has a mandate for no deal.”

Boris And Tusk Meet In New York

Sky News reporting Donald Tusk says there's been s no breakthrough on Brexit after meeting PM Boris Johnson in New York.

A Downing Street spokeswoman said that the Prime Minister - "Had used the meeting to tell Mr Tusk that in order to reach a deal we need movement and flexibility from the EU".

Asked by the BBC if he would resign if the Supreme Court agrees with the Scottish court that he misled the Queen on Parliament s suspension the Prime Minister said “Let us see what the justices say.”

Asked about the 31st October deadline Boris told Gary Gibbon - “We will obey the law, but we will also ensure that we will leave the EU on 31 Oct.”

An EU source tells TBG that Johnson and Tusk met for about about 30 minutes today.

Atmosphere was positive However, there are, "still big gaps in substance.”

The source went on - "The EU will need realistic, operational proposals in legal form.”

“The UK non-papers do not meet the objectives of the backstop."

Unions Bail Out Corbyn As Remainers Demand To Vote Again

As TBG predicted earlier, the trades union lobby have sensationally bailed out Jeremy Corbyn and his ambiguous Brexit position.

Brexit Select Committee Chairman Hillary Benn found out during a live interview with BBC’s Huw Edwards and his face said it all.

Three leading members of the Shadow Cabinet are now under growing pressure to quit after campaigning against the Labour Leader.

Emily Thornberry, John McDonnell, And Keir Starmer all campaigned for a Remain position over the weekend and all are fuming tonight.

Lots of Remainer delegates were very unhappy at the result and demanded another vote. You couldn't make it up! Stand by for more fireworks and maybe even a Shadow Cabinet reshuffle.

Former Reading MP Rob Wilson told TBG - "It was like Communist style democracy in action."

The Labour Party Really Never Changes

The Labour Party really never changes.

At the 2017 General Election they made it absolutely crystal clear that they would accept the 2016 referendum result.

Since then they have done anything but that.

The sight of Emily Thornberry and Keir Starmer on a march campaigning not just for another vote but for Leave to not even be on the ballot paper makes one thing clear.

Even if Corbyn gets bailed out by his union baron friends later, Labour will not allow Britain to Leave the EU.

The only way to Leave now is to back Boris Johnson and the Conservatives plan and then knock the living daylights out of Labour at the General Election.

Union Barons To Prop Up Corbyn

STAND by for fireworks at the Labour Party Conference in Brighton later today.

TBG has heard that a clutch of trades union barons could be set to defeat the ardent Remoaners in crunch Brexit votes later.

Whilst Corbyn himself wants to remain neutral but keep Leave off any future ballot should Labour win power, front bench members led by John McDonnell, Keir Starmer And Emily Thornberry all want to Remain at all costs.

No wonder Boris was out campaigning in Labour’s northern heartland recently.

Voters are not as daft as Labour think they are.

This morning Hilary Benn, Labour MP and chair of the Commons Brexit committee, told BBC Radio 4's Today programme Labour's position of a second referendum was "sensible" and the "the only way out of the deadlock we are facing".

Meanwhile Emily Thornberry told Twitter - “Whatever the proposed terms of departure are, and whichever government proposes them, I believe we must not just demand the public has the final say, but lead the campaign to Remain.”

Unite boss Len McKluskey has other ideas though.

McCluskey told the Daily Telegraph - “When we have a policy on Brexit and Jeremy Corbyn makes clear that is the policy, that is what leading members of the shadow cabinet should be arguing for.”

“If they find they can’t argue for that, because they feel strongly, then of course they have that right but they should step aside.”

Former Tory MP Adopted As Hampshire PCC Candidate

FORMER Portsmouth South MP Flick Drummond is the new Conservatives candidate for Hampshire Police and Crime Commissioner elections in May 2020, TBG can sensationally reveal.

The sitting Conservative Commissioner Michael Lane who was elected to the post on 5 May 2016 is due to stand down.

Simon Hayes, who held the post prior to Lane from 2012 to 2016 is rumoured to be considering running against Flick Drummond as an Independent again.

Hayes beat Tory Michael Mates in 2012.

Plot To Oust Corbyn Underway

LABOUR strategists now predict a 30% fall in U.K. Parliament seats after the General Election, the civil war in Labour has got even worse.

TBG understands that a new plot to oust Jeremy Corbyn is underway.

A series of What’s App messages have been sent between plotting MPs trying to come to a consensus for a way forward.

Labour have not won a General Election since 2005 and many MPs fear that unless the party changes course, they could be facing a disaster at the eventual General Election.

Some MPs are already conceding defeat in 30% of current UK Parliament Seats.

This morning Jeremy Corbyn refused NINE times to say if Labour would support Brexit - even if they negotiated a new deal with the EU.

The Unite boss urged Labour's remainer rebels to resign if they can't sing "from the same hymn sheet".

Speaking to Sky News’ Sophy Ridge on Sunday he said - “My message to them, to Emily and anyone else, is to support your leader.”

“Emily Thornberry is a fantastic politician, she has been loyal to Jeremy, if we get to a position where Jeremy is saying let’s not make our decision on how we campaign until we get a deal, they should support that.”

Tory Party Chairman James Cleverly MP told TBG - “Jeremy Corbyn can’t lead his own party, let alone the country.”

“Jeremy Corbyn can’t even make up his mind on the most important issue facing the country.”

“Jeremy Corbyn would delay Brexit until at least 2020 and even longer if the EU demand it.”

Labour Turmoil as Corbyn Policy Chief Quits Citing 'Blizzard of Lies'

LABOUR’s policy chief Andrew Fisher has sensationally quit overnight.

Fisher denounced the leader’s team for their “lack of professionalism, competence and human decency” and said he was sick of their “blizzard of lies and excuses”.

He also claimed “class war” has gripped the upper echelons of the party.

However, he apparently does intend to stay around for a snap election. Go figure.

TBG thinks Labour are now engaged in a game of damage limitation and that what is happening in Brighton [READ TBG's Labour news feed] underlines the real reason why Labour were opposed to the U.K. Parliament prorogue.

Why Labour Were So Opposed To Boris Proroguing

So now we know why Labour were so opposed to Boris proroguing the U.K. Parliament in order to bring on the government’s post Brexit agenda.

First, they can’t make up their own minds as to the direction of the party.

Second, civil war is rife everywhere with Momentum gunning for Tom Watson and trying to scrap Labour Students.

And third, they are completely clueless on Brexit.

So here’s my prediction.

Such is the civil war in Labour that many of their MPs will now back a Boris Deal and what Theresa May failed to do in two years, Boris Johnson will do in two months.

It’s called “bold leadership!”

Labour Students Fight Back

TBG has learned this morning that Tony Blair’s old flat mate from his uni days, Lord Charlie Falconer, is saying that the scrapping of Labour Students could have been done illegally, is invalid, and breaks party rules.

The peer has now written to the party’s General Secretary, Jennie Fornby, to say that the motion to shut it down was “based upon false information.”

The move to scrap Labour Students was another Act by multi millionaire Momentum founder Jon Lansman who also tried to get Deputy Leader Tom Watson sacked.

Watson himself is a former chair of the centrist Labour Students.

In a letter to Labour’s General Secretary, Lord Falconer says - “That motion is invalid and of no effect because it is based explicitly on a series of false factual premises, and fails to pay any regard to the current rules of the Labour party.”

“The legal position is Labour Students remain an affiliate and the motion has no effect.”

Thornberry Dares Corbyn To Sack Her

HOURS after Jeremy Corbyn bottled out of sacking Tom Watson, Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry has Tonight dared the party leader to sack her.

Thornberry was at the forefront of a march in the centre of Brighton calling for a People’s Vote earlier and a rally on the beach alongside Shadow Brexit Secretary Keir Starmer.

Tonight Thornberry has suggested Labour could agree to back a Brexit deal negotiated by Boris Johnson and the Tories on the condition that a second referendum is held.

Thornberry Tells tomorrow’s Sunday Express - “I think it’s something we would have to consider.”

“We would have to consider it seriously.”

“It’s a really, really big decision that the country has to make.”

“I think it wouldn’t be right for Labour to have no opinion on such a big decision.”

And in direct opposition to Corbyn, Thornberry said, "I will pledge to carry out whatever the people decide, as a Labour prime minister."

Earlier, Keir Starmer told the People’s Vote rally "It’s very important members are heard on this."

“This weekend we are having an intense discussion about this, so that we can see if we can agree a position everyone can get behind.”

“Any polling of members and any engagement with members demonstrates that the majority back remain, and therefore we have to listen to their views on this, but we do have to agree a position that everyone is comfortable with.”

Labour At War: Students' Group Conference Passes Revoked

THE Labour Party have been busy revoking clearance passes to attend their conference that starts this weekend.

First a journalist for fear he will cause trouble regards antisemitism and now Labour Students have apparently had their passes void too, TBG can sensationally reveal.

A tweet by former Labour insider and former party adviser Ayesha Hazarika says - "Just heard that Labour Students had their delegate passes revoked without any prior warning."

One former Labour Students member, who has since joined the Lib Dem's told TBG - "Labour students who supported Remain gave Labour their support in good faith."

"In return Labour have closed them down and revoked their voting rights."

The news comes as Momentum boss is to motion abolishing the Labour Students Group, as well as gunning for Deputy Leader Tom Watson.

Antisemitism Rears Ugly Head At Labour Conference As Journo Press Pass Refused

THEY hadn’t even finished the morning NEC Meeting in Brighton and already Antisemitism has reared its ugly head.

Controversial journalist Asa Winstanley this morning sensationally had his press pass for this years Labour Party Conference refused.

The Palestine News agency, Intifada, top dog ASA Windtanley tweeted - “Tom Watson: a friend of Israeli war crimes and racism, bankrolled by the Israel lobby” before blocking our investigative journalist.

As if that wasn’t bad enough the Labour Jewish Movement later tweeted even more displeasure, this time as regards proposed rule changes on antisemitism to be debated on Shabbat at the Labour Party Conference that TBG has already exposed.

This is their latest statement >>

Now Boris Threatens Eurosceptics

TBG understands that the 21 Tory rebels who were stripped of the whip for disobeying Boris may have company in the next few days.

A Downing Street source has just told TBG that eurosceptic MPs including Steve Baker, Mark Francois And Sir Bill Cash who refuse to back Boris Johnson’s new Brexit deal could be sensationally kicked out of party too.

It's all ahead of a Commons showdown next month when Boris’ anticipated deal will be voted on.

TBG thinks it shows excellent leadership.

Party whips are hoping that Boris’ new plan and support from up to fifty opposition MPs could push through a potential exit agreement.

So, could Boris do in one go what Theresa May couldn’t?

Well the graph, above, courtesy of Peston says he could.

Labour At War: Momentum Bottle Watson Abolition

While Boris is at work it seems to TBG that Labour is at war.

Hot on the heels of our scoop on Tom Watson last night, the man himself has seen light this morning.

Watson has just told the BBC that the bid to oust him as deputy leader amounts to a “sectarian attack on the party’s broad church.”

Watson And Leader Jeremy Corbyn are at odds with each other over Brexit.

A motion calling for the removal of the position of Deputy Leader of the Labour Party was due to be voted on by an NEC meeting that starts at their Brighton conference at 10.00am this morning.

However, TBG can reveal the sources suggest the motion itself has now been abolished due to the backlash by Labour MPs.

Both Corbyn and Watson are set to be there tomorrow and TBG will keep readers updated throughout the day both on the main website and our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Boris Flies Into Battle

BORIS Johnson will be heading to New York tomorrow for two crucial sets of talks, TBG can sensationally reveal.

With a decision in the Supreme Court not expected until as late as Wednesday, TBG understands that Boris will spend Monday and Tuesday Meeting Emmanuel Macron And Angela Merkel to discuss changes to the Northern Ireland backstop.

Boris will also hold talks with European Council President Donald Tusk and Irish Premier Leo Varadkar as well as discuss more on that post Brexit trade deal with US President Donald Trump.

It’s going to be the first time Boris will be accompanied on an overseas visit by girlfriend Carrie Symonds.

Speaking in regards to Brexit Boris Johnson this morning told TBG - “What is encouraging is that it is clear that all sides want to achieve a deal.

“The onus now is on everybody to work hard to try and find a way through.”

Labour Move To Abolish Its Deputy Leader

Deputy Tom Watson publicly opposed Corbyn's Brexit policy last week

TBG has two bits of what has the potential to cause carnage in the coming days.

First, TBG can sensationally reveal details of a SPAD [Special Adviser] meeting that took place earlier tonight.

TBG understands that Dominic Cummings told the meeting that holding a second referendum would be like "shooting yourself in both feet and then shooting in the mouth."

"Like smashing a load of eggs from which a load of nasty chicks would emerge."

Cummings also said that next week could be 'complete carnage' if the Supreme Court finds against the Government and orders the recall of Parliament.

And second, there is a major rumour doing the rounds that Jeremy Corbyn’s henchmen have got it in for Tom Watson.

BBC's Laura Kuenssberg has tweeted that a motion was put forward tonight to abolish deputy leader’s post, essentially to get rid of Watson.

It was ruled out of order but the expectation is that they might try again tomorrow.

Laura updated - “Watson and Corbyn have clashed a lot, particularly recently over Brexit policy - but deputy leader is also an elected position in the party so he has his own mandate - hell of a start to a conference when the party could be only weeks away from an election.”

Shades of 1987 and how Prescott tried his luck too early. They lost to a Tory majority of 102.

A Momentum source said - "No one person is more important than beating Boris Johnson, ending austerity and tackling the climate emergency. We just can’t afford to go into an election with a deputy leader set on wrecking Labour’s chances."

Brexit Update

EU Council president Donald Tusk is meeting with Angela Merkel and Leo Varadkar in New York on Monday morning.

Tusk is scheduled to meet Boris Johnson in the afternoon the same day.

Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay has said that “there is a shared sense of purpose to get a deal over the line" after talks with Michel Barnier in Brussels earlier.

Barclay admitted there was “still a lot of work to do” but said there was a “common purpose” to get an agreement.

“No one wants to see a no-deal.”

“It would be disruptive for both sides and that’s why there is a shared sense of purpose to get a deal over the line."

A statement from the European Commission said “It is essential that there is a fully workable and legally operational solution included in the Withdrawal Agreement.”

“We remain willing and open to examine any such proposals that meet all the objectives of the backstop.”

TBG earlier reported how Jean-Claude Juncker finally caved into requests to reopen the Withdrawal Agreement.

Iain Duncan Smith tells tomorrow’s Daily Telegraph - “The European Union, behind the scenes, are panicking and desperate.”

“They know that they have to have a deal.”

"They also know that extending is a very poor option for them because it creates the continuous chaos.”

“So we hear a lot about the UK having chaos; the truth is I know a lot of people who work in and around the European Union and they’re all telling me nobody wants is another extension.”

"And they don’t want to be forced by the British parliament to have another extension, they want a deal.”

"What they’re desperate for is something on the table now, and I think they recognise they went in far too hard originally, they now have to be more flexible.”

“So there is a certain sense - and Boris Johnson is right in this - there’s a different mood now, but we have to put something on the table."