Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr Mak?

IF there was ever an award for the creepiest Tory MP, it might almost certainly go to Havant MP Alan Mak.

TBG will never forget his most fascinating interview with Simon McCoy the afternoon after Appeaser Theresa lost her majority in 2017.

Mak followed that up by supporting Theresa May’s botched and treacherous Withdrawal Agreement all the way.

His reward for that was being made a PPS to David Liddington and no doubt witnessing Greg Clark’s adamant refusal to allow any no Deal planning despite promising constituents we would be out of the EU in March.

Cue the European Elections and his constituency votes overwhelmingly for the Brexit Party.

His response to that was, rather amazingly, to vote for no Deal.

Yet Mak’s true colours never change. Sniffing another promotion, he jumped on Jeremy Hunt’s Campaign team only to back the wrong man.

Meanwhile, despite a protest at a mayoral service, his Tory colleagues and Remainer friends at Havant Council still continue to fly the EU flag.

And finally, just for good measure, TBG can sensationally reveal that this week Mak’s local party rejected a regular Boris supporter and ardent Brexiteer from re-joining the party.

Which begs the question, does Mak know something TBG doesn’t?

Boris will not be pleased!