Uproar As Barwell Is Offered Peerage

THERE was uproar last night at the news that Theresa May’s former right hand man Gavin Barwell is set to be made a peer.

Barwell was instrumental in helping draw up the former Prime Minister’s treacherous Withdrawal Agreement

He was at her side at a number of embarrassing appearances with EU leaders in Brussels.

TBG campaigned with Barwell in Croydon in 2015 as part of the infamous Road Trip campaign.

Yet in 2017, having defended his ultra marginal Croydon seat just two years earlier and written a book about it, Barwell lost due to May’s disastrous snap General Election campaign.

Yet rather than tell Barwell to campaign to take it back next time, Appeaser Theresa took pitty on the former CCHQ boss by making him her right hand man.

Talk about rewarding failure!

One other name TBG is keeping an eye on as regards May’s resignation honours list is former Portsmouth South MP Flick Drummond.

Drummond had just as bad a campaign in the 2017 General Election when she too lost to Labour.

However, Remoaner Drummond sparked honours rumours off when she recently stood aside to give Brexiteer Donna Jones a clear run for the Tories next time round.

Both Lib Dem Gerald Vernon Jackson and sitting Labour MP Stephen Morgan are ardent undemocratic Remoaners!

Yet whilst Brexiteer Jones recently welcomed TBG's offer to campaign for her next time, Remoaner Drummond has other ideas and is using her CCHQ clout to argue that our roving reporter “cannot be trusted!”

Now where have we heard that before?