Tory Reject Once Protected Dominic Grieve

LONG term Tory activist and Brexiteer rejected by the Remoaners at Havant Conservatives once looked after Boris Johnson’s arch critic Dominic Grieve, TBG can sensationally reveal.

Mr Grieve, who this weekend told BBC Good Morning Scotland that he wouldn’t rule out being caretaker Prime Minister himself, was looked after during a visit to Lincoln in the 2005 General Election Campaign.

“Dominic had come up to Campaign with us for the day and I And a friend had the blessed task of driving him back to Newark Railway station.

“He came across as a really nice guy even though he was on the phone to Michael Howard most of the time.”

“His legal brain is astounding!”

“If I bumped into him tomorrow though I think it’s fair to say we would have plenty more to talk about than we did then.”

“Boris is doing a great job and I’m going to back him to the hilt TIL the sun don’t shine!”