Tory Reject Accuses Association Of Bullying

Former Tory activist was allegedly accused of being a Brexit Party plant

ARDENT Brexiteer who applied to join the Tories after a two year absence and was rejected, has accused the Remainers driven Tory association in Havant of vicious bullying, TBG can sensationally reveal .

He told TBG - “I know stories of Tory members who actively campaigned for the Brexit Party without resigning their membership so they could vote for Boris.”

“Fair play to them!”

“Yet because I left the party to Campaign for a proper Brexit, even though Brexiteers have control of the party at large, I am being bullied and smeared against by a group of hard core Remoaners led by Alan Mak who are just bad losers.”

“If they had their way Brexit would never happen.”

“All I can say is thank goodness for the Brexiteers taking over the party at large because as far a I’m concerned, the bullies in the Havant Association are people I wouldn’t want to associate myself with anyway.”

“They are all in it for their own ends to further their own agendas and their own careers.”

“I was invited to re-join the party by a local councillor and I know full well now that it was a vicious trap to try and finish me off.”

“They’ve got another thing coming!”

The infighting continues.