Tory Rebels Up For Chop

BORIS Johnson’s gamble of prorogue has paid off according to the latest poll out this morning.

The Survation poll for the Daily Mail has the Conservatives on 31%, Labour on 24%, the Lib Dem’s On 21% and the Brexit Party on 14%.

The Tory lead is three points higher than on August 11.

Also, One month before Boris Johnson became Prime Minister 37% of Conservatives had decamped to Brexit Party.

When Johnson entered Downing St it was 25%. This week it is 16%. He needs to keep driving this number down if he wants a majority.

TBG thinks he will do this by continuing to show strong leadership including allowing no Conservative MP to be allowed to undermine our EU negotiations.

That includes:

@Margot_James_MP 👋🏻
@BrineMinister 👋🏻
@EdVaizey 👋🏻
@Sandbach 👋🏻
@JustineGreening 👋🏻
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@GregClarkMP 👋🏻
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Oliver Letwin 👋🏻
Alberto Costa 👋🏻
Jonathan Djanogly 👋🏻
Sarah Newton 👋🏻
Steve Brine 👋🏻
Alistair Burt 👋🏻

A Downing Street source told TBG - "Any Tory MP who votes for the extension legislation next week will not be allowed to stand as a Tory candidate at the next election."

Douglas Carswell told Twitter - "Even to abstain is to forfeit your party’s nomination in the coming election."