Mordaunt Snubs Neighbouring Ex Serviceman Constituent

YOU really would think that former Defence Secretary and Theresa May right hand woman Penny Mordaunt would know better.

Somebody from a neighbouring constituency just yards from her own Portsmouth North seat asks a simple question, yet fails to get an answer.

Yet that’s what happened to Portsmouth resident Alan Shoubridge.

About five weeks ago, Mr Shoubridge rang Ms Mordaunt’s office to ask a simple question.

Namely, if a Dutch citizen who is a qualified doctor, living in South Africa could work in the UK after Brexit.

With no response after three weeks and two further calls, Mr Shoubridge sent one email, then another too.

At last he got a response stating that Ms Mordaunt was not allowed to answer questions to anyone from outside her own constituency.

Shoubridge told today’s Portsmouth News “My local MP Stephen Morgan (Portsmouth South) was not And is not a member of the government which is why I initially rang Ms Mordaunt.”

At first instance, Mordaunt was Defence Secretary.

“I find it quite disgraceful that a Defence Secretary could not answer a simple question from a ex serviceman just half a mile away.”

“A simple yes or no would hardly have taken much time.”

“Such incompetence and lack of common sense and decency emphasises the difference between MPs and the real world.”

As TBG recently reported, Mordaunt was the first Minister to be sacked by Boris Johnson.

It's odd that Ms Mordaunt can’t answer a simple question from a Portsmouth South constituent, yet, as per her Twitter feed yesterday, can meet union reps from the Portsmouth South dockyard to talk about defence procurement.