Mordaunt admits “I was fired!”

Former Defence Secretary Penny Mordaunt has today sensationally admitted that she was fired after all by new Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Her remarks come in an article for the Spectator magazine.

Yet the Portsmouth North MP says that she doesn’t know why.

It’s well known that Mordaunt rose to prominence up the Cabinet greasy pole as principled Brexiteers walked away from Theresa May’s treacherous backstop.

One by one they left.

First David Davis, then Boris Johnson, then Dominic Raab, And finally Andrea Leadsom.

TBG can’t help thinking that if she was a true Brexiteer and resigned from May’s government and backed Boris rather than climb further up the greasy pole whilst supporting Appeaser Theresa’s dodgy backstop, she would probably be back in government already.

Instead, as Boris opens up a ten point lead over Labour in the polls, our Penelope is left to write diaries of what was rather than what could have been.

Which is a bit more credible than what Phil Hammond and Gavin Barwell were up to recently.