Mak Backs Boris Over Prorogue

Despite being conspicuously silent on the issue of Brexit for weeks, Tory MP Alan Mak defended Boris’ prorogue last night.

Mak told the Portsmouth News - “As with any new government, it is right that a Queen’s speech takes place to set out a new legislative agenda.”

“I am committed to ensuring that we deliver on Brexit on October 31st.”

South East Lib Dem MEP Judith Bunting was not as forthcoming.

Bunting called it “a childish act of cowardice” while Labour MP Stephen Morgan called it “reckless and undemocratic.”

TBG was one of the first U.K. political blogs to forecast Boris’ plan to prorogue Parliament week’s ago!

Mak’s latest creeping comments fly in the face of comments made this morning by David Liddington who Mak used to be PPS to.

Liddington told Radio 4 Today earlier - “Some of my Tory colleagues who are cheering at the moment would be turning purple with rage if this had happened under a Labour government.”