Macron Set To Block Merkel Backstop Deal


ANGELA Merkel has tonight said that it "may be" possible to ditch the backstop only for the French President to pour cold water on her remarks.

Even though the PM has offered the EU a new plan to replace the backstop, French President Emmanuel Macron is all set to block it tomorrow, TBG can sensationally reveal.

Macron has just told reporters in Paris that thank Johnson's demand to renegotiate UK's exit is "not an option!”

Macron said scrapping Irish backstop was impossible and would give EU an unacceptable choice between protecting its internal market or preserving peace in Ireland.

Macron said EU would not be to blame for a no-deal.

"It will be the responsibility of the British government, always, because firstly it was the British people that decided Brexit, and the British government has the possibility up to the last second to revoke Article 50.”

Which simply underlines how the EU still seem to think that the UK Parliament can overturn Brexit.

Prepare for fireworks tomorrow because no Deal is now really looking likely.