Former Tory MP Boles Rejects Corbyn's Brexit Offer

FORMER Tory Nick Boles has sensationally responded to Jeremy Corbyn’s letter by calling on the Labour Leader to try and extend Article 50 and rule out an early election.

Boles said in his letter he wouldn't be able to support any government led by Jeremy Corbyn.

Boles told Twitter: “Most of the MPs who led the successful attempt to stop No Deal Brexit at the end of March decided to put the interests of the country before the interests of their party, and their own careers. Corbyn and the Labour frontbench need to do the same.”

“If he wants to be trusted on No Deal Brexit, Jeremy Corbyn needs to focus on legislation to secure an Article 50 extension and rule out facilitating any election before that has happened. My reply to his latest letter.”

Who would have thought it? Read full letter HERE