EXCLUSIVE: Tory Reject Denies Being Brexit Party Plant

IT is understood that this is the person orchestrating a campaign to prevent a well known ardent Brexiteer and former Tory councillor from returning to the party, TBG can sensationally reveal.

She is the Conservative Party Forums Voluntary Party Director and former Portsmouth South MP, Flick Drummond.

Drummond has allegedly told members of the Havant Conservatives that the applicant is a “plant” from the Brexit Party.

The applicant vigorously denies this is the case telling TBG - “The moment Boris Johnson became Prime Minister and promised to take us out of the EU on October 31st, the Brexit Party became a hindrance to Brexit.”

“Hence I immediately left the Brexit Party and withdrew from all Brexit Party social media activity to come back home to the Conservatives.”

Since the rejection, TBG can exclusively reveal that the applicant has rejected multiple offers of a meeting with Havant MP Alan Mak in order to focus on building bridges and renewing friendship with Flick Drummond and Penny Mordaunt.

“I’ve spoken to multiple contacts in Portsmouth but even though progress is being made, Flick clearly thinks I am a Farage plant.”

“I am not a plant at all - I am just wanting to return to the party I love now that I believe I have got the Brexit I wanted!”

“The Remoaners in Havant can weep all they like.”

“We are leaving the EU on October 31st and that is why I want to come back!”

“I am backing Boris to the hilt in social media and in the press - I would not be doing that if I didn’t want him for the long term.”

“Boris is our nation’s future and the Remoaners are our nation’s past.”

“Flick needs to get over the fact that I helped bring down her friend Theresa and instead get behind my friend Boris!”

Drummond is a close friend of Theresa May and along with Meon Valley MP George Hollingberry ran her leadership campaign in 2016.