EXCLUSIVE: Mak's Rights Hand Man

There’s an old saying in politics that it takes two to tango and when it comes to Havant MP Alan Mak there’s no better man to do just that than Mak’s right hand man Alex Rennie.

A local councillor for Bondfields Ward in Havant, Rennie is another member of the Remoaner mob running the Havant Tory asylum.

TBG can sensationally reveal that is was Rennie who tried to act as middle man for Mak in his dispute with an ardent Brexiteer and former party stalwart who’s been denied a return to the party.

TBG asked Rennie recently why the ardent hard working Brexiteer has been rejected and was told that Mak and his Remoaner mob have no control over who comes and who goes.

You can say that again!

TBG finds it strange why Mak refuses to speak to the Tory Reject directly rather than use his loyal assistant Rennie to do his dirty work.

Is he afraid of spilling the beans about what’s really happening as regards the bitter in fighting that has seen the local association exposed for their somewhat strange leanings of late?

Or is he still counting the cost for not getting promoted after backing the wrong man in the leadership contest when he helped run continuity May candidate Jeremy Hunt ‘s doomed campaign?

Given his local party’s continued obsession with flying that dreaded EU flag over Council HQ, TBG thinks Mak is in for a even longer wait to get back on the Westminster bubble’s greasy pole because Boris and his team are going to be occupying Number Ten for sometime yet!